Moving in Your House Check List

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moving to a new house

When relocating to a new house, you may realize that many things that you require for the first week have been forgotten, tossed or misplaced. Ensure you pack such items in a in a box which can be placed in your vehicle. Alternatively, you can have the box loaded last on the moving truck so that it is unloaded first and found easily. The following is a compilation of necessities that have been separated into categories to check off. This list is just for fun, inspired by this Forbes tips.

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1. General
– Paper towels and plates
– Plastic cups and utensils
– Can opener
– Snacks
– Telephone and a small phone book for new town
– Important names and contacts
– Local map
– Medication and First aid kit
– Toilet paper
– Shower curtain

– Flashlight
– Extension cord

2. Cleaning Supplies

– Broom

– Glass cleaner
– All purpose cleaner
– Scrub brush
-Trash bags

3. For Children

– Toys
– Diaper supplies
– Formula or snacks
– Extra blankets
– Change of clothes

4. For Pets

– Carrier
– Leash
– Toys
– Treats and food
– Food & water dishes
– Litter box
– Pooper scooper

5. Tools

– Hanging nails
– Hammer
– Screwdriver
– Tape measure
– Box cutter
– Pen or marker

Temporary Housing

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Knowing the Basics before starting your search

In some cases. the first destination is always not the final. Your moving choice may be as a result of your place of work or such like cases. In these situations, temporary housing plays an important factor in bridging the gap between getting to a new community and finding your permanent residence. The interval is not fixed; it can vary from a few days to several months. You therefore need to adequately plan for any short term move.

There are basically three main options for families planning for a temporary move:

1. Regular Hotels

These are a good option if you need temporary just for a few days. They are convenient for shorter stay, with amenities like restaurants and daily house keeping. These extras can however significantly toll your moving budget in the long run.

2. Extended Stay Hotels

These are convenient if you need a longer time frame for your temporary stay. Extended stay hotels offer a home like environment. They provide on-site laundry facilities and full kitchens. In these hotels, there are no utilities to establish, no leases to sign and the studios are fully furnished.

3. Rental Homes and Apartments

These are a good option if you will need to stay for more than a month and you have no problem of signing a lease of planning for utilities.

Consider the following when opting for a temporary housing?

– Get a temporary housing that suits your needs perfectly. If you are single, get a studio; if you have a family, get a multiple bedroom house.
– Get a temporary housing that falls within your budget.
– The location of your temporary housing should be suitable, especially if you have children who go to school.
– The apartment should have amenities you consider necessary; such as an exercise room, swimming pool, etc.
– Will your company going to pay for the move, what costs are they going to cover?

Be prudent to seek out a temporary housing that suits you. Ensure you negotiate with satisfactorily before closing any deal. Be open and consider various neighborhood options to increase the chances of getting a suitable property at an affordable price.